John Lawrence Report

Generation Two


GEORGE WASHINGTON LAWRENCE 2, (JOHN 1), was born August 9, 1789 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia and died September 28, 1850 in Paulding County, Georgia. He married SARAH MOSELY on December 24, 1812 in Wilkes County, North Carolina. She was born September 19, 1797 in Wilkes County, North Carolina and died September 29, 1869 in Paulding County, Georgia.

More About GEORGE WASHINGTON LAWRENCE: Military: War of 1812. Burial: Lawrence Family Cemetery, Paulding County, Georgia.


1. JAMES MOSELY LAWRENCE, b. October 6, 1813, Wilkes County, North Carolina; d. October 4, 1897, Paulding County, Georgia.
2. JOHN LAWRENCE, b. Unknown; d. Unknown.
3. SUSANNAH W. LAWRENCE, b. Unknown; d. Unknown.
4. CYRUS WHITE LAWRENCE, b. November 18, 1821, Gwinnett County, Georgia; d. About 1860, Paulding County, Georgia.
5. MARTIN NEWTON LAWRENCE, b. July 19, 1825, Gwinnett County, Georgia; June 9, 1883, Paulding County, Georgia.
6. GEORGE WASHINGTON LAWRENCE, JR., b. August 3, 1827; d. December 13, 1902; m. ELIZABETH JANE BRINTLE, b. April 1828; d. May 24, 1901, Paulding County, Georgia. More About GEORGE WASHINGTON LAWRENCE: George enlisted in the Confederate Army, Company K, 60th Georgia Regiment, on May 10, 1862. He was appointed First Sergeant. He was captured and paroled at Fredericksburg, Virginia on December 13, 1862 and discharged on February 25, 1863 and furnished Thomas Camp as his substitute.
7. HENRY CLINTON LAWRENCE, b. June 10, 1832; Georgia; d. October 5, 1880, Paulding County, Georgia.


JAMES O. LAWRENCE 2, (JOHN 1), was born October 26, 1796 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia and died December 12, 1862 in Searcy County, Arkansas. He married KIZIAH WADE, the daughter ASA WADE and LETITIA UNKNOWN on August 26, 1819 in Gwinnet County, Georgia. She was born November 9, 1801 in Georgia and died June 12, 1880 in Carroll County, Arkansas.


1. JOHN W. LAWRENCE, b. April 11, 1821, Gwinnett County, Georgia; d. May 26, 1862, Corinth, Alcorn County, Mississippi.
2. ASA MONROE LAWRENCE, b. July 4, 1823, Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County, Georgia; d. April 2, 1870, Searcy County, Arkansas.
3. LYDIA "LIDDY" LAWRENCE, b. June 14, 1825, Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County, Georgia; d. Unknown, Stephens County, Texas; m. SILAS TEAGUE, b. About 1806; d. July 4, 1877, Stephens County, Texas. Note: No Children.
4. BENNETT SILAS LAWRENCE, b. August 7, 1827, Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County, Georgia; d. December 20, 1861, Baxter County, Arkansas.
5. ELISHA WILLIAM LAWRENCE, b. About 1829, Gwinnett County, Georgia; d. About 1862, Searcy County, Arkansas.
6. MARY J. LAWRENCE, b. August 21, 1831, Gwinnett County, Georgia; d. March 8, 1900, Carroll County, Arkansas.
7. JAMES FRANKLIN LAWRENCE, b. March 3, 1834, Chattooga County, Georgia; d. December 28, 1912, Los Angeles County, California.
8. LUCINDA BEHEATHLAND LAWRENCE, b. September 21, 1836, Chattooga County, Georgia; d. March 29, 1914, Carroll County, Arkansas. More About LUCINDA BEHEATHLAND LAWRENCE: Research shows she was married twice, (1) JOHN RICHARDSON REDWINE, b. August 5, 1825, Chattooga County, Georgia; d. August 3, 1864, Rock Island County, Illinois. He was Captain of Company E, 45th Arkansas Militia in the American Civil War and died in battle. — (2) JOSEPH W. LEE, b. January 16, 1837, Tishomingo County, Mississippi; d. April 26, 1889, Newton County, Arkansas. Her second husband is found in census records with children, but as a widower. It doesn't appear that LUCINDA had any children and her grave marker reads LUCINDA LAWRENCE.
9. NANCY ELIZABETH LAWRENCE, b. November 23, 1839, Chattooga County, Georgia; d. May 30, 1909, Carroll County, Arkansas.
10. SARAH JANE LAWRENCE, b. September 20, 1842, Chattooga County, Georgia; d. February 18, 1880, Stone County, Arkansas.
11. GEORGE MELTON LAWRENCE, b. December 1, 1843, Chattooga County, Georgia; d. January 5, 1925, Carroll County, Arkansas.


THOMAS LAWRENCE 2, (JOHN 1), was born November 11, 1798 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia and died September 19, 1873 in Walker County, Georgia. He married ELIZABETH "BETSY" BANKSTON on March 1, 1825 in Gwinnett County, Georgia. She was born Unknown and died Unknown.


1. JAMES MONROE LAWRENCE, SR., b. June 3, 1828, Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County, Georgia; d. August 6, 1864, Searcy County, Arkansas.


MARTIN ALLEN LAWRENCE 2, (JOHN 1) was born August 23, 1809 in Wilkes County, North Carolina and died May 13, 1875 in Walker County, Georgia. He married NANCY E. MILLS, the daughter of JOHN MILLS and HESTER EDMONDSON on May 19, 1836. She was born December 11, 1816 in Jackson County, Georgia and died About 1898 in Chattooga County, Georgia.

More About NANCY E. MILLS: Her grave marker reads, "To the memory of Nancy E. Lawrence Born in Jackson Co., Ga. Dec. 11, 1816, died Menlo, Ga. 1898. She welcomed death not only as a release from bodily suffering..."


1. JOHN MILTON LAWRENCE, b. March 28, 1837, Georgia; d. February 4, 1865.
More About JOHN MILTON LAWRENCE: Grave Marker at Lawrence Cemetery Reads: In Memory of John Milton, Eldest Son of Martin A. & Nancy E. Lawrence, Born Mar. 28, 1837, Lost in the War Between the States, 1861–1865. "This marble minstrels voiceless stone in deathless song shall tell, When many a vanished year has flown, the story where he fell." — Information from says: John M. Lawrence enlisted May 20, 1863 at Danielsville by W.H. Griffeth as a private in Company E of the 37th Infantry of Georgia. Sent to the hospital on September 8, 1863. Listed as a prisoner of war in a military prison in Louisville, Kentucky. Captured at Decatur, Alabama on October 28, 1864 and discharged November 2, 1864 to Camp Douglas, Illinois from Nashville. John M. Lawrence died at Camp Douglas, Illinois on February 4, 1865 of pneumonia and was buried in grave #683, Block 2, Chicago City Cemetery.
2. ANDREW JACKSON LAWRENCE, b. December 17, 1843, Georgia; d. December 16, 1920, Georgia; m. MILDRED WILLIAMS DOWTIN, b. July 22, 1838, South Carolina; d. February 15, 1922, Georgia. Note: This couple had five children.
3. JOSEPHUS FRANKLIN LAWRENCE, b. November 2, 1845, Georgia; d. November 20, 1862.
4. JAMES CICERO LAWRENCE, b. February 2, 1848; d. November 23, 1863. Note: Grave Marker Reads: James Cicero, 4th son of Martin A. & Nancy E. Lawrence, Born Feb 2, 1848, Died Nov 23, 1863.
5. MARTHA ELIZABETH LAWRENCE, b. November 18, 1853, Georgia; d. October 15, 1858, Georgia. Note: Cemetery record states she is the second daughter of this family.
6. SIDNEY MARTIN LAWRENCE, b. July 6, 1861, Georgia; d. July 22, 1922; m. ETTA ETHRIDGE About 1897. Note: This couple had eight children, one was a stillborn daughter, February 9, 1898, Chattooga County, Georgia.

Other research shows this family had another daughter.



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