Clayton Bagby Report

Generation Two


JESSE BAGBEY 2, (CLAYTON, 1) was born September 6, 1810 in Prince Edward County, Virginia and died July 19, 1873 in Hopkins County, Kentucky. He married MARY W. FERGUSON, the daughter of JEFFREY FERGUSON and REBECCA YOUNG on January 22, 1835. She was born January 6, 1819 and died October 13, 1877 in Hopkins County, Kentucky.

Notes: The original research of Commander William Boyle Bagbey did not have a death date or location for JESSE BAGBEY or MARY W. FERGUSON. This information was added by the site owner in 2017 and is taken from the grave markers. The grave marker for JESSE BAGBEY is engraved as JESSEY BAGBEY, but the grave marker for his wife, MARY W. FERGUSON is engraved, "WIFE OF JESSE BAGBY". Original research noted that the family Bible spelled his given name as Jesey.



1. JOEL T. BAGBEY, b. November 5, 1835, Prince Edward County, Virginia; d. July 28, 1902; m. UNKNOWN FAUN/FAWN; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.
2. WILLIAM J. BAGBEY, b. August 3, 1837, Prince Edward County, Virginia; d. Unknown; m. NANCY H. PEYTON, December 30, 1861, Hopkins County, Kentucky; b. About 1839, Hopkins County, Kentucky; d. Unknown.
3. MARTHA JANE BAGBEY, b. April 25, 1839, Prince Edward County, Virginia; d. July 30, 1898; m. JOEL BECKNER, December 9, 1866, Hopkins County, Kentucky; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.
4. JOHN MARSHALL BAGBEY, b. January 8, 1841, Prince Edward County, Virginia; d. Unknown; m. M.C. BROWN, December 9, 1862; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.
5. MARY SUSAN BAGBEY, b. August 10, 1842, Prince Edward County, Virginia; d. Unknown.
6. VIRGINIA N.F. BAGBEY, b. January 4, 1845, Hopkins County, Kentucky; d. Unknown; m. JAMES P. DOCKERY, October 20, 1872, Hopkins County, Kentucky; b. About 1844, Kentucky; d. Unknown.
7. SALLIE B. BAGBEY, b. Unknown, Kentucky; d. Unknown; m. JOHN HEDDEN, January 27, 1867; b. About 1845, Kentucky; d. Unknown. More About SALLIE B. BAGBEY: No birth or death dates were given for Sallie in Jesse Bagbey's Bible.
8. MARGARET E. BAGBEY, b. January 6, 1847, Hopkins County, Kentucky; d. April 20, 1909.
9. HARVEY CLAYTON BAGBEY, b. October 21, 1850, Hopkins County, Kentucky; d. November 20, 1899, Carlisle County, Kentucky; m. A.D. GREEN, December 25, 1881; b. January 14, 1863; d. April 25, 1929, Graves County, Kentucky. Note: Original research showed HARRY for his given name. Changed to HARVEY in 2017 by site owner. Information taken from grave marker. More About A.D. GREEN: Shares a grave marker with NETTIE BAGBEY McGILL, 1842 — 1927 and cemetery notes state they are mother and daughter.
10. AMPHIAS MALCOLM BAGBEY, b. August 6, 1853, Hopkins County, Kentucky; d. April 5, 1910, Hopkins County, Kentucky.
11. ROBERT DANIEL BAGBEY, b. July 26, 1857, Hopkins County, Kentucky; d. May 21, 1921, Morganfield, Union County, Kentucky.








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